Our Mission 

Founded in 2020, it is our mission to platform top notch black owned businesses. We commit to quality customer service, exclusive fashion, and premium products. Montee’s will not only give customers a place to shop, but it will also provide suppliers with a place to promote and display their items. It is our mission to provide a fully functional marketplace and improve the exposure of the brands we feature. We hope to generate more wealth within the black community and create a new avenue to develop your business. We believe the brands we feature has the ability to grow into the next designer/household name. 

Meet the Founder

Montee’s founded by Elijah E. Lamont Pierson also known as “Montee”, believes black brands should be unified. Unity is a primary staple of the black community and Elijah believes this website can further develop this point. It is Elijah’s mission to feature more than just clothing lines on this site. This marketplace is designed to motivate, current and future black entrepreneurs to chase after their dreams and develop their own brand. Register with Montee’s and start opening doors.